What is NOCVue?

NOCVue is a comprehensive suite of NMS/EMS management solutions that communicates across multivendor network environments, gathering performance information to display in real-time, graphically, on any designated work station. Stacked screenshots   NOCVue streamlines NMS/EMS management by giving operators real-time information in  easy-to-monitor, easy-to-customize views. NOCVue’s QuickChassis allows equipment manufacturers to bundle chassis views of devices, making it easy for end-users to monitor element status across multivendor networks.


The suite consists of three modules that consist of network element graphical representation software:

Creates a unified, interactive map of all the networks, regardless of network vendor.

NOCVue QuickChassis
Displays the details of element performance in a real-time, showing virtual rack views for a data center.

Allows operators to generate custom-defined CLI commands and input them using XML.


Unique advantages of NOCVue products:

  • Ready to use with minimal customization
  • Can be deployed as a standalone NMS/EMS application server or scaled using a distributed sever model
  • Suite provides a robust platform or QuickChassis and CLI can be standalone

Why choose NOCVue?

Plan_Prepare_Manage_HIGH_RES_NOCVue_SupportFor network equipment vendors, NOCVue’s QuickChassis can be a key differentiator to end-users.  By bundling an advanced management solution with network equipment, OEMs provide customers with custom element management software to manage network elements, regardless of the supplier.

For service providers and systems integrators, NOCVue can be adapted to manage multiple types of devices to provide a graphical representation of telecom equiopment, regardless of vendor. NOCVue provides a device and vendor agnostic framework for ease of management.  With NOCVue, operators can monitor and control the entire operation from a centralized location.

The NMS solution includes discovery, fault management and performance management, security management and end-to-end provisioning and other pluggable custom solutions that are domain specific.

For IT departments, NOCVue’s enterprise version provides support for IT staff, allowing them to monitor their network consisting of disparate routers, switches, access points and computers etc.  This one-screen monitoring helps IT staff quickly identify potential network problems and significantly reduce downtime.  NOCVue also provides visualization and cloud computing monitoring.

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NOCVue is a comprehensive suite of products that can be used together or independently.

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