NOCVue QuickChassis™


NOCVue QuickChassis allows operators to visualize network elements across multivendor networks, rendering them in graphical, real-time views.  Working from uniform interfaces, operators can troubleshoot and implement changes from anywhere with web access.  For equipment manufacturers, QuickChassis is a breakthough product, allowing them to provide chassis models of each network element. 

Managing network elements is not standardized.  Each equipment manufacturer creates an EMS with commands and menu options that are proprietary. Because network management systems are composed multivendor environments,  operators must learn each EMS in order to perform specific configuration commands.

With NOCVue QuickChassis,  network elements can be rendered in a web interface. The chassis view is a generic framework which displays real-time status information. This framework view can be customized to support role-based access control, allowing tiered access to the devices.  For example, level 1 operators can check alarms and then initiate tickets to resolve issues.  A level 2 operator can enable or disable service ports or equipment configurations. Finally a level 3 operator can run diagnostics and initiate commands.

NOCVue QuickChassis allows NOC personnel to focus on managing and enhancing network performance, rather than decoding  proprietary device information. The visual representation makes it easy to debug and resolve network problems as they occur.  As a result, troubleshooting time is reduced, diagnostic accuracy is increased and the training required for operators to reconfigure networks is minimized.

 Features include:

  • Based on RFC 4133 (ENTITY-MIB) standard
  • Web-based representation of chassis
  • Well-designed APIs for easy integration
  • Supports dynamic updates to chassis
  • Dynamic menu options for chassis components
  • Customizable tool tip options
  • Library of over 1,000 devices modeled



Without QuickChassis 
Communication to and from network elements is based on proprietary EMS platforms, requiring personnel with specialized training and maintenance of a multitude of security credentials.


With QuickChassis 
NOCVue QuickChassis simplifies the management of multivendor environments by providing real-time visualization of network elements, incorporating legacy platforms, consolidating security credential and significantly reduces training time.


Over 1,000 devices from leading vendors have been modeled in QuickChassis.

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