NOCVue PerformMan

PerformManAs a standalone solution or used in conjunction with NOCVue NMS/EMS, NOCVue PerformMan™ is a flexible, easy to use network monitoring tool.  NOCVue PerformMan can be used on internal networks or bundled as part of a sophisticated customer solution provided by OEMs and service providers.  With NOCVue PerformMan you can quickly identify and diagnose network problems, providing a real-time view into network applications and service. 

NOCVue’s PerformMan application collects and analyzes network performance data, provides key indicators of network health and monitors network performance trends.  With NOCVue PerformMan, operators can easily determine the quality of the network and how efficiently network resources are performing.  Performance management statistics provide key information to determine past and future return-on-investment (ROI).  By using NOCVue PerformMan‘s trending analysis functionality, you can stay on top of capacity or reliability issues before adverse network outage occurs. Key performance thresholds can be set in order to trigger an alarm or an event.

Flexible and easy to install, NOCVue PerformMan provides value feedback to determine throughput, percentage utilization, error rates, and response time for network resources.  Performance reports are generated to device or system level granularity.  Tracking the performance of network resources provides network personnel with data to estimate future demands. NOCVue PerformMan allows operators to compare performance metrics of multiple devices. Comparison criteria can be customized and reports generated in various formats.   With this flexibility, network planners can compare ROI across the network , by device or by particular location.

Defined for scalability and flexibility, NOCVue PerformMan  offers key features for network element management systems:

  • Customizable data collection
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Web-based UI
  • Predefined and customizable dashboards
  • Performance data collection
  • Threshold-crossing alerts (TCA)
  • Customizable TCA actions—email, SMS, etc.
  • Trending analysis
  • Predefined and customizable report generation


Dashboard result for all selected parameters (line graph and bar graph) Powerful one-stop performance reports dashboard makes it easy for operators to monitor hardware performance from multiple vendors through one graphic interface


Dashboard dialog for both line and bar graph Data-rich graphical interpretation of performance reports

NOCVUE PerformMan is the best in class monitoring solution for today’s demanding network services.

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