Developing custom CLIs for different types of devices is costly and time consuming, requiring custom parser, formatter and validation software. NOCVue CLI is an XML-based solution, allowing developers to define CLI commands and actions that generate customized code. Typically, a complete CLI command set for a complex device can be developed in less than three months.


NOCVue CLI allows equipment manufacturers to easily create and support commands for devices.

Benefits include:


  • Cisco-like CLI with value-added features
  • Password-based user management
  • File-based log management
  • Session management and default support for Telnet and SSH.
  • Multi-session support
  • Command syntax validation and command termination
  • System configuration changes supported at runtime.
  • XML schema validation
  • Automated build scripts
  • Customized banner for CLI
  • Configuration of hierarchical commands and it’s supporting options
  • Extendable to support TL1 and SNMP protocols
  • Rapid time to market–basic code is generated, only the data validation functions need to written and integrated with database
  • Supports multiple operating systems–-Linux, VxWorks, Windows


NOCVue CLI Features    

  • XML-based input and schema validation:  CLI commands are displayed in an XML file, making it easy to edit and regenerate code.
  • Cisco-like CLI features:  Features supported include partial command completion, help, global commands and interactive command handling.
  • Database:  CLI code is database agnostic; any database can be integrated using backend APIs.
  • Built-in user management commands:  Support for user-management commands are built in, further reducing development time.
  • Built-in system commands: Product is packaged with basic system commands. Only device-specific commands need to be added.
  • GUI:  Friendly user interface provided for generating configuration files.
  • Small footprint:  Code size is very small, requiring only a few kilobytes.
  • Portable to any RTOS:  Code is generic and portable.


NOCVue NMS/EMS can be deployed as a standalone NMS/EMS application server or scaled using a distributed sever model.

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