NOCVue NMS/EMS is a software platform which dramatically simplifies the management of end-to-end communication networks.   It is a comprehensive, unified solution that streamlines monitoring and managing  multi-vendor voice and data communications network equipment.  

NOCVue NMS/EMS can be deployed as a standalone NMS/EMS application server or scaled using a distributed server model. Both deployment solutions provide a high-availability framework with plug-and-play software applications.

NOCVue NMS/EMS delivers a comprehensive, modular implementation for Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security (FCAPS) as defined in ITU X.700-OSI and ITU M.3400-TMN recommendations, including:

  • Fault management:  Alarm generation, event tracking and analysis
  • Configuration management:  Commissioning, provisioning, timing and protection
  • Accounting management:  Collection of data used in enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Performance management:  Monitoring and reporting service performance and Quality of Service(QoS) and SLA management
  • Security management:  Role-based logging-in, authorization and access control

  NOCVue™ NMS/EMS is ideally suited for:

  • OEM and network equipment vendors:  To bundle with devices to streamline network communication and management
  • Service providers:  To allow operators to quickly and accurately create management views that integrate the full range of hardware and software management tools in individual networks
  • Enterprise IT infrastructure management To monitor network performance, troubleshoot and quickly identify which part of the network requires attention

NOCVue Network Inventory View

Network Inventory View
This view shows the network inventory with comprehensive information about each device. Customized filters allow for views across various regions or groups as well as logical and physical networks.  This feature is available across all device types and families that NOCVue  supports.

NOCVue Security Module

Security Module
The security framework for NOCVue supports customizable hierarchy of user groups allowing to manage role-based access. It can be easily integrated to third-party authorization and authentication tools.

 NOCVue Advanced GIS Support

Advanced GIS Support
NOCVue framework supports integration with multiple GIS modules by default. Location-based intelligence allows easier visualization of  devices and current status. The location of the device/network element  allows for ease and accuracy of communication with field staff and adds value by reducing repair time.

NOCVue's Powerful, Robust Dashboards

Powerful, Robust Dashboards
NOCVue framework supports dashboards across all modules that makes information easy to access. Report generation can be customized across various attributes. Reports can be generated runtime, emailed or viewed via the dashboards.

NOCVue NMS/EMS can be deployed as a standalone NMS/EMS application server or scaled using a distributed sever model.

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