Network Management Software

Introducing NOCVue

NOCVue is a network and element management platform designed to streamline management and operations for equipment manufacturers, service providers and IT departments.

NOCVue simplifies the complexity of NMS/EMS by providing a unified management applications package that includes an advanced customizable GUI, network discovery, topology and links, fault, performance and configuration management, alarm and event reporting, and group-role-based security plus optional Operations System Support (OSS) protocol adapters.


QuickChassis for Equipment Manufacturers

Velankani_symbol_transparentNOCVue Quickchassis™ allows equipment manufacturers to quickly create WYSIWG user interfaces for network elements.  Bundled with hardware elements, QuickChasis provides your customers with a real-time, easy-to-interpret visual display of element performance that can be easily integrated into service provider networks.  Works with any network management platform.

This platform was developed by Velankani Communications Technologies Inc.  and there is an existing library of over 1,000 chassis models of network elements.  Velankani can provide full technical support for modeling elements quickly and cost effectively.


    • Chassis modeling significantly reduced
    • Ongoing support and improvement for chassis modeling
    • Value-add to your customers
    • Allows your devices to be managed by upstream network management
    • Sets you apart from the competition

QuickChassis for Service Providers


Service providers can use QuickChassis to streamline communication between operators and network elements, replacing communication-by-script with a real-time, WYSIWG interface.  The interface displays the status of all network elements in one chassis view.

With QuickChassis, operators monitor real-time performance of network elements, diagnose problems and implement solutions without needing to understand script commands and reports of elements manufactured by different companies.

Velankani Communications Technologies can quickly create any chassis view required and has a library of 1,000 chassis for network elements (DEVICES) that can be quickly integrated into your network management platform.

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