NOCVue Supports 60 Network Elements

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Case Studies: Transport Network Planning for a Large Tier 1 Network Operator & Team Engineers' EMS

Find out how we helped a large Tier 1 Network Operator resolve their transport planning issues and realize significant cost savings.


Team Engineers Element Management System Case Study

Learn how Team Engineers developed their Team EMS offering that integrates the TeamLink 3002 product line and also integrates into the end customer network very easily.

Case Study

Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: What's the Best Solution for Your EMS Project?

Have you considered outsourcing your network element management system (EMS) development? What are the trade-offs? When does it make sense? Explore the pros and cons of outsourcing from this white paper.



Shorten Product Development Lifecycles With NOCVue

The success of new product development is often determined by the speed network elements can be deployed and managed.

Traditionally network equipment manufacturers and operators had to go through a laborious process of evaluating, purchasing and integrating suites of software tools followed by custom development to manage their equipment in a network environment.

With NOCVue, they can quickly create an EMS framework to manage network elements and then rapidly rollout new elements.  Any network element management system can be dropped into this flexible, modular template to be rapidly deployed and managed in any communications service provider’s network.

With its foundation in carrier grade element management system (EMS) requirements and advanced out-of-the-box-plug and play features NOCVue is the choice for all your management needs.

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NOCVue Network Elements

  • For Network Management, Element Management, EMS NMS – NOCVue
  • For Defining CLI commands to control a Network Element – NOCVue CLI
  • NOCVue PerformMan™
  • For Planning FTTx Networks – NOCPlan XS
  • For chassis management and visualization QuickChassis 
QuickChassis shows the custom, color coded lamp status on any card or other component along with all of the raw data behind it, so that network equipment vendors can take quick action, if need be. 


NOCVue Benefits

NOCVue Element Management System (EMS) for:

  • EMS and Network Element system (EMS) specific applications at OEM TEM vendors
  • EMS NMS and Service management applications for service providers
  • IT infrastructure management for the enterprise

NOCVue benefits for OEM TEM vendors:

  • White label EMS Solution
  • Significant cost savings and reduced time to market
  • Lower risk and increased return on investment
  • Security and reliability

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